Currently October 3rd edition


Listening:   I'm sitting in Panera Bread and there are all kinds of conversations going on around me. But I'm really interested in these two men that are pastors of different churches.. and they are discussing their church problems with each other. I know.. I know.. I shouldn't be eavesdropping… but I find their conversation fascinating. One of the things they talked about is how church members gossip is bring down other church members. It only reinforced my belief that this kind of stuff happens everywhere, not just at my church. It's funny how each one of them talked about the number of people that come to each of their churchs. I try not to let the number of kids that come to youth group reflect how I feel about myself.. but both of those pastors were caught up in the numbers game.

Loving: That the first day of our church's after school program went fantastic!  The kids and the adults had a great time.

Thinking: Have you ever felt mentally paralyzed?  That's kind of where I am now. I have quite a few big decisions rolling around in my head, and it's making my brain shut down.

Wanting: Some much needed sleep.  I had a hard time sleeping the last few days, and a cold along with my brain not shutting off has made it worst :/

Needing:  Sleep… but tonight I'm going to the Movies with The Man. It's always nice to have a little bit of time alone with him 🙂

Stalking: Not  much currently.. I  can not seem to get my mind focused on anything long enough to stalk it.. :/




Listening:   My children are all busy doing school stuff.  Currently they are kind of quiet.  #6 is running around in the new shoes I bought him say; "I wanna go outsidddeeee! Peeese Mommy?"

Loving: That #6 is an EXCELLENT communicator.  He is ALWAYS talking, ALWAYS learning. It makes my heart smile.

 Thinking:  I have entirely TOO MUCH stuff to write down/correct before the first of September.  I'm reading this super cool book on confirmation… and I want to change some of the curriculum I wrote for confirmation to include the stuff I just read.  I also have the after school program curriculum to finish, a sermon to write for September 29th, and PowerPoints to finish for September's Youth Group.

Wanting: To go to Longhorn with the man.

Needing:  To plan my meals for this weekend and the upcoming week.  Figure out what kind of cake #3 wants for her birthday Tuesday and what kind #3.5 wants for her birthday Wednesday.

Stalking: I'm embarrassed to say it, but Candy Crush Saga level 144… don't think less of me 😉



Listening: To my children make scrambled eggs for each other…

 Loving:  My new Tervis Poppy Cup I bought at Target.

 Thinking: About my my meeting tonight.. we are discussing having a Wednesday after school program at our church.  The Ottawa Kansas school district is having a 12:30 early release day EVERY Wednesday.  I homeschool, but I can not imagine the problems this early release will cause for parents.  Just imagine the unaccounted for time teenagers will have…

Wanting: Time at home with nothing to do and no place to go.  I would love a 4 day weekend with just the family 🙂

Needing:  To go out to dinner with just The Man.

Stalking:  Fit Bit and Body Bug stuff on eBay.  I owned a MyTrak pedometer, but it stopped syncing to my computer, and I guess the company no longer supports it.  Do you own a pedometer that you love? What kind is it?



Listening: to the news talk about the horrific tornado that happened in Oklahoma. I can not imagine the what those families are feeling right now. I am so sad for them.

 Loving: that #1 and P*Tricky brought me a Sonic Iced Tea. I love a good iced tea, with crushed ice.  It makes me happy.

 Thinking: about all the stuff I need to get done before the 2013 Youth Mission Trip to South Dakota. 

  • plan the menu and get the grocery list together
  • morning devotions written
  • evening devotions written
  • make sure I have the right clothes
  • make sure the 3 kids I have going on the trip with me have what they need
  • plan for my business stuff while I'm away
  • itinerary plans for the trip
  • itinerary plans for the kids that stay home. (they are much happier and treat #1 better when I write down everything they are suppose to do)

Wanting: to find my STUPID car title.

Needing: (see above)

Stalking:  All paperwork in my house… because I'm looking for my stupid car title… :/