Dear eBay Queen: Listing Restrictions are Ruining My Life!

Dear eBay Queen:

I am so frustrated! I’ve been selling for a year now and I still am only able to list 200 things a month. WHY is eBay doing this to me? What can I do to get it increased? Why do they have these listing restrictions? My mother said I could use her account, because she does not have any restrictions. I don’t think that is right. I want to build this business on my own, but how can I do it if I can only list 200 items a month?

Here are some of my stats:

  • Feedback is 100%
  • Sell through rate 62%
  • Handling time 1 day
  • I’m a Top Rated Seller
  • Stars are 4.9, 5.0, 5.0, 5.0
  • I offer free shipping

What can I do? Any advice would be appreciated. I have a ton of stuff here to sell, and I just want to list it!


Dear HRG:

I am so fortunate that I was grandfathered into these restrictions that were put on new sellers in the last few years. I have several friends that are, and I completely understand your frustration. Your numbers look good. I would suggest you call eBay and ask to have your restrictions either removed or asked to have your listings up’d. I’ve heard that you can only do this once a year, but I know of others that have done it a couple of times a year.

I probably would not use my mom’s account, unless I was selling HER items for her. I hope eBay removes these listing restrictions.

Dear eBay Queen:

I am selling a Ralph Lauren women’s suit. The suit is brand new with tags. It is a very pretty blue. I took your advice from a long time ago and included 3 primary color crayons in one of the photos next to the fabric to show the color. I received this question in a message on eBay.

“Hello from New Jersey! I love your suit. I have one just like it in a pale pink. I want to buy it, but I have a few questions.

You say this is new with tags, but I don’t see the extra button tag, that Ralph Lauren clothing comes with. Does your item come with the extra button?

Your pictures are lovely, but they seem to make a weird wash over the suit. What color of blue do you think this is? Is it a light blue, a deep ocean blue, or navy?   I saw this suit a Macy’s, but it was almost a denim blue. So the 2nd photo you have in your listing makes it look like the pants are a different color than the jacket. Are they the same color? Do you know why this looks different? It’s hard to tell by your photos. I know from experience that its hard to get a good photo.  

You said that the size tag has a ¼ inch cut. When I look at your pictures, I can’t figure out why this item would have a cut and a mark through on the label.

The pants look like they have a slight flair from the knee. Do you think you could measure the knee? And across the upper back of the jacket? I have very wide shoulders.

I hate to ask this, and I don’t want to offend you, but has this been around animals or cigar/cigarette smoke?”

Should I answer all this? What if she buys it, and then wants to return it because I didn’t answer SOMETHING the way she wanted? UGH! I really don’t like this lady. Should I block her?


Dear TPS:

Well, she certainly asks a lot of questions doesn’t she? Have you looked at the feedback this woman leaves other sellers? I would check that out before I would block her.  She could be a person that has had a couple of bad sellers that didn’t describe the item correctly, which has led her to be overly cautious.

I don’t think anything she has asked has been malicious, I think she’s probably just a chatty eBayer.


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