Girl Scouts.. I don’t just love them because of their cookies…


  Girl Scouts.. I don’t just love them because of their Cookies…

Some of you may not know I am a girl scout leader.  I love them.  I’ve been a leader for 4 years now.  When I first started I had 8 brownies.  Holy Smokes these girls were cute!





It’s my fourth year, and I have 40 (yes, you read that correctly) Girl Scouts. I could say "I don’t know how it happened".. But I DO know, or at least I have a good idea. 


  1. I am the only troop that meets after school
  2. I am homeschool friendly 
  3. I have Brownies & Juniors (next year I’ll have cadets)
  4. I have LOTS of help! That shipping manager aka child #1 is the Brownie Leader.. and I have Belinda, Betsy, Janet, Lorna and sometimes Jeff!
  5. I can’t say NO
  6. I do lots of fun things and try to do 2 badges a month.


                                                      Here’s a few of the girls waiting to perform for on Girl Scout Sunday!

I started this troop thinking it would be a great way for my #3 kid to have friends and be part of a group (since she’s homeschooled).  It’s become more than that to me.  It has been a chance for me to get to know some fabulous girls.  Some spoiled, some gifted, some who need love and some who just need a little confidence.  



These girls teach me something each time we have a meeting and every time we go "camping" .  I put quotes around camping.. because some people don’t really think what we do is camping.  You see we don’t sleep or cook outside.  I mean REALLY how can you cook for 50 people outside?  We use one of our council’s lodges when we camp.  One day I’ll be brave and sleep outside with 50 people.. until that time we’ll have fun in the lodge making crafts and eating non-camp food.  Our last camping experience we spent 2 nights in the lodge.  We had a Mexican Buffet the first night, and the second night we had (get this..) Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes (real ones), peas, salad and rolls.  We painted mugs and learned to embroider!  You can’t do this kind of stuff outside!


It’s April, and it occurred to me today that I really only have 2 or maybe 3 more meetings before the summer starts. I love my Girl Scouts.. and will miss them until we start back up in September…








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