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Whine.. Whine… All that Girl does is Whine..


Can I whine? I really want to… Dang it.. it’s my blog.. I’m going to whine.

Tuesday was an unusual day.. I took the Shipping Manager for a tune-up (you know the dr). Then we drove around O-Town preparing it for August 2nd-7th of 2009.  (I’ll share that little nugget later) I came home thinking I was going to work on eBay stuff…

I didn’t…

I worked on my new Ask the eBay Queen Website. It’s not done.. It’s no where near being done. I can’t get it to do what I wanted it to do…

I want it to be cute, informative, and funny.  I want it to have 5 areas for people to go to.. so they don’t have to see ALL of the junk that spills out of my head. (unless they really want to)  Is this possible?  I hope so.. 

I worked on eBay stuff today.  I even modeled some shoes.. No.. they are not mine.. but I need a pair since they add 6" to my height!

                                                                                               Dang.. that girl needs a ped-egg

But really all I can think about is that website.  I need some serious help.. but I can’t find any… that doesn’t want $2500.00.  So I will keep trudging along until it is done.  I promise I won’t work on it until Friday.. tomorrow  I will work on eBay and then head to  Girl Scouts.  Because after all tomorrow is another day.

I feel like Scarlett O’Hara…

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