No Wondering About It! eBay Has some Defect Issues!

So way back on August 30th.. I purchased a cute little needlepoint canvas. I paid the same day, and since it was close to a holiday (Labor Day), I kind of forgot about it.  Today I realized I hadn't received the needlepoint, so I thought.. "Hey! I'll message the seller and see if she knows where it is!" 


I went to my line up under "Purchase History" Selected "contact seller"

nuttyneedle1I select "I haven't received my item"



This screen comes up… Where it says "Communicate with Seller" I was thinking.. this doesn't look like the "message seller" page.. but perhaps they changed it.

***This is a continuation of the page above.. I just couldn't fit it all on one page***


I clicked  "I still want my item" and entered my phone number.  Do you see the wording where it says: "Note: If you decide to open an eBay Money Back Guarantee Case, Customer Support may review your messages between you and the seller to help resolve the problem."  Because of this statement I thought I was NOT opening a case.. I entered a message for the seller hit Submit… and guess what?

nuttyneedle5  I opened a case…


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