Needlepoint Update

#1 bought this needlepoint for mother’s day for me.  It is a Kirk and Bradley canvas, and when I received it I was pleasantry surprised at how BRIGHT this canvas was.  I had settled on a ribbon for the brightest pink, and ran out.  I looked everywhere for the same dye lot and color.  No luck.

After a little searching I did find a good replacement.

The Finished product:


I did the white and black in wool, the purple centers in velvet.  It’s hard to tell but the back in the center is sparkly.  I’m going to have this finished as a pillow.


Here’s what I am working on now:

This is an Elizabeth Turner Queen Bee canvas.  It is supposed to be finished into a mirror.  But I made the center  Initials.

No Wondering About It! eBay Has some Defect Issues!

So way back on August 30th.. I purchased a cute little needlepoint canvas. I paid the same day, and since it was close to a holiday (Labor Day), I kind of forgot about it.  Today I realized I hadn't received the needlepoint, so I thought.. "Hey! I'll message the seller and see if she knows where it is!" 


I went to my line up under "Purchase History" Selected "contact seller"

nuttyneedle1I select "I haven't received my item"



This screen comes up… Where it says "Communicate with Seller" I was thinking.. this doesn't look like the "message seller" page.. but perhaps they changed it.

***This is a continuation of the page above.. I just couldn't fit it all on one page***


I clicked  "I still want my item" and entered my phone number.  Do you see the wording where it says: "Note: If you decide to open an eBay Money Back Guarantee Case, Customer Support may review your messages between you and the seller to help resolve the problem."  Because of this statement I thought I was NOT opening a case.. I entered a message for the seller hit Submit… and guess what?

nuttyneedle5  I opened a case…


Something That Sells on eBay: Needlework Kits

How many times have you been to an estate or garage sale and saw an old needlework kit?  Maybe this will help you look differently at those kits now.


THE FARM New VTG Williamsburg ELSA Williams Embroidery Cross Stitch Sampler Kit  SOLD 521.51 by eBay Seller crewelworld Check it out HERE


Embroidery Kit The Examplarery /CCHS The Ann Marsh Sewing Roll-LC19  SOLD 370.00 by eBay Seller firestitcheb  Check it out HERE


Ehrman Tapestry Arcadia Needlepoint Kit SOLD 366.01 by eBay Seller petie797  Check it out HERE


Sunset Crewel Stitchery Holiday Stocking Kit Christmas Puppy Dog Gerrish 18” SOLD 345.50 By eBay Seller Shalu617 Check it out HERE 



The Scarlet Letter River Sampler Rare Stamped Embroidery X Stitch Complete SOLD 305.00 by eBay Seller penelope3 Check it out HERE

Crafty Stuff While Traveling: Needlepoint Before & After

I try to bring something with me to do when I travel.  My thing to bring of choice is needlepoint.  Here's a before and after of the work I did while I was in Chicago. 


Before Front

needleafter3 After Front

needleafter2Before Back

needleafter4After Back

I think you can see how much I've did while in Chicago by looking at the back of the needelepoint.  By the way I bought this cute flower on eBay for 15.99 (with shipping)  Which is a steal since it was handpainted. The artist is: Tapestry Bazaar of London.