Odd International eBay Request?

I received an email from a potential international buyer:

"I would like to bid on this item. I'm from Spain and my address is a P.O. Box of the Spanish national post company Correos, instead of a typical address. Could this be a problem? Anyway, I have received a lot of things by standard post from US by USPS International First-Class or USPS Priority International without problem."

I didn't really think much of this first, other than she is from Spain, so I messaged her back:

"Hi! As long as your address is verified through eBay and PayPal, there should not be any problems shipping this to you."

She emails this back to me..

Though my address, in both my eBay and Paypal accounts, is correct, I haven't a verified Paypal address. For this, it is necessary that the Paypal address be the same one as in my credit card, that is my home address. But in this moment, this is a problem for me because I am out home many time due to my work. In addition, the postal service is not very good to my home address. Because this, I a have a PO.Box, but it can not be a verified address.

As I commented you before, I have received a lot of things that I have bought from US for the last four years through Ebay, always by USPS International First-Class or USPS Priority International without problem. I have even received signed-for packages. In this case, my postal office alerts me when the packet arrives, and I have to sign the receipt when I pick up the package.

The inconvenient of the PO. Box is that many courier agencies, like UPS or Fedex, do not want to deliver to this kind of address. This is also the case of the courier that the Ebay Global Shipping service uses. In addition, the time for the delivering to a PO Box by standard post is greater than by courier. I know that the time that packets take to my PO Box from US varies between 10 and 30 days, and it depends on the kind of service, and if there is a retention in customs.I also have experienced that some packets are retained in customs a few days, and then I have to pay custom taxes for it. In these cases, when the packet arrives finally to my PO. Box, my postal office alerts me about the customs, and I pay the tax it in the office when I pick up the packet.

If you do not see clear whether to send to me address, or it seems complicated for you, I have no objection to not make the purchase. Do not worry about this.

Many thanks for your attention.
Kind regards


This buyer seems completely nice and upfront, but there is something that seems off.  What do you think?

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