Something That Sells on eBay.. Halloween Pumpkins

I thought I was going to search eBay for one thing.. and ended up with not one really category. :/  Weird right?  Here are some cool pumpkin things with really high prices.


Rare Don Post Little Buddy Pumpkin Mask Original 1983 Myers SOLD 860.00 by eBay Seller monster-man Check it out HERE


2 Rare Vintage German Paper Mache Halloween Pumpkins Man SOLD $599.99 by eBay Seller thefastlife09 Check it out HERE 


Mushoomhead Mask 2013 Official Pumpkin Mask SOLD $425.00  by eBay Seller impel12 Check it out HERE


Antique Kewpie Shaker with Pumpkin SOLD $404.33 by eBay Seller melschleming Check it out HERE


Rare Lg Johnny Pumpkin Head Halloween Die-Cut by Beistle  By eBay Seller azpaperlady Check it out HERE


Vintage Wooden Nutcracker Pumpkin  SOLD $363.56 by eBay Selle virginiawas Check it out HERE

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