Stuff that Sells on eBay: Christmas in July Ornaments

John Deere Pewter Christmas Ornaments, 1996, 1997, and 2001. SOLD 1200.00 by eBay Seller mcaskill Check it out HERE

Vintage Mercury Glass Christmas Ornaments Clowns Birds SOLD $667.00 by eBay Seller bvasy Check it out HERE

Vintage 5.5” Green Original Berry Shape German Christmas Heavy Glass Kugel SOLD $650.00 by eBay Seller  sunil_arts_engg_works Check it out HERE

Disney Store Tangled Ever After Rapunzel Flynn Wedding Christmas Ornament SOLD $550.00 by eBay Seller CartoonCity916  Check it out HERE

Lenox BABY’S FIRST CHRISTMAS CHINA BEARS ORNAMENT 1997 SOLD $500.00 by eBay Seller Ihub Check it out HERE


Something that Sells on eBay: Pokemon Plush

Pokemon has been around since 1996, and is a fantastic example of Japanese Anime. Pokemon are fictional characters that are called Pokemon. Each Pokemon has it's own name and skills. Humans capture them and train them to fight each other for sport.


Rare Suicune Giant Tomy Plush 2002 – Pokemon Stuffed Toy Japan by eBay Seller voltorbite SOLD $3600.00 Check it out HERE    


Japan Pokemon Center Pikachu Ditto Plush 17” Big Dittochu 2010 HTF Doll Mint by eBay Seller fuji-shop-japan SOLD 799.00 Check it out HERE


Pokemon Center Original Mega Charizard Y Pikachu Plush Doll & Key Chain Mascot by tokyofreaks23 SOLD 500.00 Check it out HERE


Shiny Gyarados Plush Pokemon Center 2009 Doll NWT by eBay Seller taylor2980 SOLD $470.00 Check it out HERE


Pokemon Plush Dialga Big 26” Doll Tomy Heartland stuffed UFO figure toy Rare by eBay Seller meowingmeowth SOLD 349.99 Check it out HERE


Stuff that Sells on eBay: Christmas Ornaments

Some of the prices for these ornaments are flippin' AMAZING!


These things are a bit creepy..

Antique ornaments Man & Woman Old Christmas Tree Applied Legs from Estate  SOLD $1565.99 by eBay Seller bidoff10  Check it out HERE

ornaments142These ornaments seem to always sell well. If you find one.. snatch it up!

1999 John Deere Christmas Ornament Pewter SOLD $1300.00 by eBay Seller cek1127 Check it out HERE


Group Lot 3 Vintage Antique German handmade Christmas Spider Ornaments SOLD $1263.85 by eBay Seller sheisolderthanme Check it out HERE

ornament144So… there was no other place to take the photos of this besides the back of a tailgate?

Antique Christmas Ornaments Pig Girl Basket Wine Boy Jester Bee Hive Spun Cotton $1239.99 by eBay Seller gnssurplus Check it out HERE


Louis Vuitton VIP Christmas Limited Black Monogram Bell Boy Doll LE Groom SOLD $900.00 by eBay Seller standingpoint  Check it out HERE



Popular Halloween Costumes on eBay

Wondering what the top selling Halloween Costumes are on eBay for the first week of October? (me too)  I'm always surprised at the lack popular "girl" costumes.  The top selling costumes currently seem to be traditional male costumes… not that a female couldn't wear them.


Professional Iron man Full Costume Fiberglass Halloween Avengers Mark VI SOLD $2799.00 by eBay Seller i_sell_disney_tickets Check it out HERE


Movie Prop Chronicles of Riddick Necromonger Captain Officer Halloween Costume SOLD $2500.00 by eBay Seller  legxfre Check it out HERE

h14costume3This thing scares the poo out of me.. and it's only a picture!

Halloween Stalkaround Costume Puppet Prop for Haunted House SOLD $900.00 by eBay Seller hallowseve  Check it out HERE 

h14costume4I had to Google what this costume was from.. because at first I thought he was a sexy pirate.. 😉

New Assassin Armour Honors Creed G/Leather Halloween Costume SOLD 650.00 by eBay Seller  jogagne1  Check it out HERE

h14costume5For your favorite raver

Only Hellraiser mau5 Head Led NoCheap El Wire Halloween Deadmau5 Rave SOLD $580.00 by eBay Seller rednismo Check it out HERE

h14costume6I was completely shocked that this one did not sell for more money.  It's a pretty cool costume don't you think?

Halloween Beetlejuice Costume Carousel & Hammer Hands Tim Burton SOLD 400.00 by eBay Seller humantreerobot  Check it out HERE