Something that Sells on eBay Playing Cards…


1865 Civil War Deck Monitor/Merrimac by Dougherty Commemorating First Iron Ship Playing Card Deck SOLD $1701.00 by eBay Seller Cardcat58  Check it out HERE


Legendary Dondorf No. 1000 Original Hundertjahrkarte w. Original Box sleeve SOLD $1699.00 by eBay Seller gloriascotti Check it out HERE


Antique 1880’s Extra Bicycle Playing Cards No. 808X Box High Wheel Joker SOLD $1323.88 by eBay Seller jrettwod Check it out HERE:


Civil War Era American Card Company Union Playing Cards Original Box Complete  SOLD $1000.00 by eBay Seller dholz Check it out HERE


1948 1st Edition Authentic Unopened Hermes Cassandre Scarce Sealed Playing Cards SOLD $800.00 by eBay Seller worldclassplayingcards  Check it out HERE

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