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Pinterest Photo Challenge Day 26: Night

Today's Pinterest Photo Challenge is Night.  I never realized how hard it is to take a photo of night time..

Here's my lame photo of the moon.

Here's my other version of Night.. like you know Night Owl. 🙂

I think I scared him this time…

Don't worry we are saving for his therapy.

Pinterest Photo Challenge Day 23: Shoes

Today's Pinterest photo challenge is shoes. I have a lot of shoes. Like perhaps more shoes than say there are M & M's in a 32oz bag.  Since I have so many.. I couldn't pick a favorite so I asked #1 to take a few photos of the ones she likes.  Here's her favorites.


It seems like there are a lot of wedge sandals.

These are some of the oldest shoes in my closet.  The blue pumps were purchased at Marshall's for 11.00 in 1985 and matched my prom dress perfectly.  The purple Keds still have my glitter laces tied backwards.  Those dang floral slip on's.. are Cole Haans.  I SAVED my money for those.  They were $72.00.. and I loved them because of the poppies on them.  The blue moccasins were worn a lot in high school, and still have the pen mark on the bottom that some dumb boy marked on them.  I tried and tried to get it out and still to this day is on there.  Those Christmas plaid Sam & Libby's… I don't know what I was thinking when I bought those.

These were some cute peep-toes that I used to love.. and didn't know I still had..

#1 used to get into my closet and wear my shoes to school without asking.  She loved to wear these because they have a little 1.5" wedge heel.. and the peep toe.  I guess they don't fit her any more..

Pinterest Photo Challenge Day 19: Something I Hate To Do..

Today's Photo Challenge is something I hate to do.  While there are quite a few things.. nothing bothers me more than REVISING listings.

My listing program did not submit any of my photos.. So I had to load all my photos the old fashion way.  🙁

Pinterest Photo Challenge Day 15: Phone

Today's Pinterest Photo Challenge is a Phone.  I tried to take an artistic photo of my dumb cell phone.  I never did it.  I asked #2 to take a photo and this is what I got.

Not too artistic huh?   That Sticker on the back is from #2's little trip to the hospital.

Here's a better more artistic phone photo.

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