Why Didn’t This Sell? Vintage Christian Dior Compact

I’ve had this thing for quite awhile.  I found it in the bottom of  a hat box I bought that had some quilt pieces in it.  I sold the quilt pieces, but never sold this.

It even comes in the original box!

It has the case to keep the compact from getting scratches.

I’m not sure why this didn’t sell.. except maybe people don’t use compact?

Here’s what I wrote about it:

Up for auction is a very nice vintage Christian Dior Compact in the original box.

  • This has never been used.
  • It comes with box, black case and the gold basket weave compact.
  • This has the original puff.
  • About 3″ square
  • Box has some condition issues..
  • Free shipping
  • Back of box reads: Poudrier Damiers Dore Compact Checkered Gold Ref 2121
  • Made in France

I haven’t listed it for awhile. I’ll try it again sometime soon..

Why didn’t this Sell?

I’m not exactly sure where I bought these things. I believe they were in a box of stuff I bought at Strickers Auction. I’ve had a variety of people tell me they were different things..

Some have said they are upholstery pins.

I thought they looked like fancy push pins.

You know the kind you used for bulletin boards? What do you think they are?

Do I have them totally categorized wrong?