Things to Do.. Monday and the Week

Stuff to do for Monday:

* is for ongoing through the week

  • Call the American Royal to see if they charged me for my field trip.
  • Do school with THOSE kids. *
  • Write my blog *
  • Write Article (Due Wednesday) *
  • Fix photos for eBay
  • Fix photos from American Girl Fashion Show
  • Write Auctions Up *
  • Email guest speaker for Girl Scouts
  • Fix my October Banner for Blog. *
  • Convert some of my auctions to fixed price *
  • Find junk to Buy for eBay *
  • Grocery List & Menu for the week (Monday: Left overs, Tuesday: Chicken & Noodles Wednesday: Pot Luck, Thursday: Chili, hot dogs and cinnamon rolls, Friday: Roast, Mashed Potatoes, gravy green beans, blueberry cobbler, Saturday: Louisanna Chicken Sunday: pizza
  • Make Halloween Costumes *
  • Finalize plans for Girl Scouts this week
  • Finalize plans for Youth Group
  • Send out email about Dare 2 Share
  • Go to Auction tonight 🙂
  • Hair cut appointment
  • Put October Calendar up
  • Grade the heathens school work *
  • Send The Man a "to do list"

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