Monday’s a Good Day to Get a Few Things Done..

Monday is book sale day…

Monday’s To Do…

1. Figure out what movie we are watching for Theater in the Parking Lot. (Wednesday Night Youth Group)

2. Write up a few eBay things.

3. Work on presentation.

4.  Clean the Abode.. :/

5.  Figure out what we are going to do about dance this coming school year.

6. VBS Crafts

7.  Eclipse Tickets..

8. wii Fit

9.  Library book sale

Things to Do.. Monday and the Week

Stuff to do for Monday:

* is for ongoing through the week

  • Call the American Royal to see if they charged me for my field trip.
  • Do school with THOSE kids. *
  • Write my blog *
  • Write Article (Due Wednesday) *
  • Fix photos for eBay
  • Fix photos from American Girl Fashion Show
  • Write Auctions Up *
  • Email guest speaker for Girl Scouts
  • Fix my October Banner for Blog. *
  • Convert some of my auctions to fixed price *
  • Find junk to Buy for eBay *
  • Grocery List & Menu for the week (Monday: Left overs, Tuesday: Chicken & Noodles Wednesday: Pot Luck, Thursday: Chili, hot dogs and cinnamon rolls, Friday: Roast, Mashed Potatoes, gravy green beans, blueberry cobbler, Saturday: Louisanna Chicken Sunday: pizza
  • Make Halloween Costumes *
  • Finalize plans for Girl Scouts this week
  • Finalize plans for Youth Group
  • Send out email about Dare 2 Share
  • Go to Auction tonight 🙂
  • Hair cut appointment
  • Put October Calendar up
  • Grade the heathens school work *
  • Send The Man a "to do list"

Last Girl Scout Meeting until Fall

Girl Scout Troop 5199

Today was the last day of Girl Scouts until Fall.  This year my troop was pretty large.  I had 43 girls at one time, (a couple moved, and a few are missing from my photo).  These girls always bring a smile to my face.  We have Brownies and Juniors this year.  Next year we will have Brownies, Juniors and Cadets.

This has been a hard year for me.  I had some really tough parents.. you know the kind that don’t want to pay their dues, then threaten, call, text and bully you until you do what they want you to do?  Or don’t turn in their cookie money until 4 minutes  before YOU have to turn it into council?  Or the kind that sit and talk on their phones or text during your meetings? How about the one’s that hover and whisper in the kids ear what to do instead of the kid figuring it out? I had a few of those types this year.  But enough of me complaining!  Let’s look at those cuties..

Junior Troop..

Pretty cute aren’t they?