Monday’s To Do

Monday's To Do..

  • Take #4 to speech/reading
  • School the monkey's
  • exercise
  • email to confirmation class about field trip
  • email to Girl Scout about up coming Meeting
  • Take #2 to meeting
  • decide if I'm going to THIS auction.
  • Plan Girl Scouts
  • Get grades in grade book/computer program **(I'm working on it, but it's going to take a while)
  • Receipts together for church
  • Finish School room
  • Finish up stuff with #1 for JAM
  • move furniture
  • vacuum the school room * stairs
  • Dinner= hmm.. it all depends if I go to the auction or not.
  • Get First day of school mobiles up
  • Work on eBay junk
  • Get October's confirmation done.. ie.. find old confirmation book
  • Finance report
  • List for #1,2,3 to do while I take #4 and #5

Monday’s To Do..


Monday's To Do..

  • Dinner= Green Bean Chicken and Rice
  • Go pick out Mission Trip Shirts
  • exercise
  • find bank card
  • work on eBay stuff
  • post photos from "human video" practice
  • Make "sin" box for human video on Mission Trip
  • Send in Girl Scout things
  • Post Office
  • make Mission Trip phone calls
  • work on Sermon (really…)
  • pick up the house
  • FINISH cleaning out from behind the chair in family room
  • Make the boys clean up the trash outside (the raccoons or something knocked over the trash cans

Monday’s a Good Day to Get a Few Things Done..

Monday is book sale day…

Monday’s To Do…

1. Figure out what movie we are watching for Theater in the Parking Lot. (Wednesday Night Youth Group)

2. Write up a few eBay things.

3. Work on presentation.

4.  Clean the Abode.. :/

5.  Figure out what we are going to do about dance this coming school year.

6. VBS Crafts

7.  Eclipse Tickets..

8. wii Fit

9.  Library book sale