Thinking about Halloween Past..

This year #2 didn't dress up. I don't know if he thought he was too old, or if he really didn't want to trick-o-treat. Last year, thanks to the election and his super cool mother (me) he had a fabulous costume. He was a voting booth.

I painted a box..

Took a brown paper bag and put Obama on one

and John McCain on the other.

And Bob's Your Uncle.. you get a voting booth. (Please ignore the dumb look

and the fact that #2 doesn't have on 2 socks. This is not my fault. It's

his fathers.)


#2 had people vote with their candy. Can you tell who won?


I don't know why I am including this photo.. I think it's just because I love it..

It says so much.. but mostly that my son will do whatever I tell him too.

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