Something That Sells On eBay Vintage Halloween Costumes

vh14costume1While searching for costumes.. I saw these were selling individually for $299.but together.. they sold for:

Kiss Vintage Halloween Costumes Set 1978 Aucoin Sealed Sold $999.99 by eBay Seller slayerforever Check it out HERE

vh14costume2How cute.. and weird is this little number?  I probably would have put "witch" in the title.

Iconic Antique Halloween Costume Dress 7 Diecuts/Paper Stars/Peplums SOLD $270.00 by eBay Seller kicoheda Check it out HERE

vh14costume3Ben Cooper costumes always seem to sell.. some higher than others.


Vintage Ben Cooper 1976 Hee Haw Scarecrow Costume w/Mask Clothes & Box Medium SOLD $260.55 bye eBay Seller 3prusa Check it out HERE


Vintage Halloween Costume Outfit Jumpsuit Dress OOAK 1950’s JOL Pumpkin Owl Fabric SOLD $203.50 by eBay Seller ckwonpoker Check it out HERE


Vintage Halco Halloween Costume Wizard of Oz Dandy Lion SOLD 177.50 by eBay Seller pob413 Check it out HERE 

Halloween Jewelery… Something that Sells on eBay!

Margot De Taxco, Black cat, jewelry pin

Vintage Margot De Taxco Mexico Halloween Black Cat Enamel on Sterling Pin SOLD $342.00 by eBay Seller goldenbowlhj  Check it out HERE  


 halloween, charm bracelet

Vintage 7” Long Sterling Silver Loaded Halloween Charm Bracelet SOLD 251.99  By eBay Seller sportsanimal  Check it out HERE 


Vintage Bakelite Halloween Orange Polka Dot Black Bangle Bracelet SOLD $226.50 by eBay Seller scout501 Check it out HERE 


Carved from Vintage Bakelite Halloween Owl on Crescent Man in the Moon Pin Fall SOLD $200.00 by eBay Seller bael31  Check it out hERE 


Flamboyant Halloween Glass Beaded Ghost Pumpkin Stanley Hagler Dangle Pin SOLD $200.00 by eBay Seller 8daysun  Check it out HERE 

Thinking about Halloween Past..

This year #2 didn't dress up. I don't know if he thought he was too old, or if he really didn't want to trick-o-treat. Last year, thanks to the election and his super cool mother (me) he had a fabulous costume. He was a voting booth.

I painted a box..

Took a brown paper bag and put Obama on one

and John McCain on the other.

And Bob's Your Uncle.. you get a voting booth. (Please ignore the dumb look

and the fact that #2 doesn't have on 2 socks. This is not my fault. It's

his fathers.)


#2 had people vote with their candy. Can you tell who won?


I don't know why I am including this photo.. I think it's just because I love it..

It says so much.. but mostly that my son will do whatever I tell him too.