My Civic Duty…

american flag, one room school house

Just in case you've been living in a hole… It's Election Day! I've talked about where I vote before, but I thought I'd share the quaint one room school house that is my polling place.

This is the Briles School House… not only where I vote.. but also where I had my wedding reception.

I asked how busy it was today.. they said there were people waiting outside at 6:30AM. When I arrived at 4:30 the place was pretty much dead.

We did receive snappy new voting boothes this year. In years past we had these cool boothes with fabric closures on the back. They looked pretty old school. The ladies working were not crazy about these new booths.

I was surprised how FULL our ballots were this year. They were FRONT and BACK full.. top to bottom.


I took photos the whole time I was there. I had a woman look at me like I was nuts.. so I explained to her that I blog. She muttered "Who would want to read about what she does all day?" I just smiled and thought.. "WHO WOULD want to read about what I do all day!"

Hey guess what… I voted 🙂 and I hope you did too!

Thinking about Halloween Past..

This year #2 didn't dress up. I don't know if he thought he was too old, or if he really didn't want to trick-o-treat. Last year, thanks to the election and his super cool mother (me) he had a fabulous costume. He was a voting booth.

I painted a box..

Took a brown paper bag and put Obama on one

and John McCain on the other.

And Bob's Your Uncle.. you get a voting booth. (Please ignore the dumb look

and the fact that #2 doesn't have on 2 socks. This is not my fault. It's

his fathers.)


#2 had people vote with their candy. Can you tell who won?


I don't know why I am including this photo.. I think it's just because I love it..

It says so much.. but mostly that my son will do whatever I tell him too.