Today is Tuesday… You Know what that Means?

Today is full of Meetings.. So basically my list in not worth the paper it’s written

on… oh wait.. it’s not written on paper.. Whatever.  You know what I mean.. right?

1. School the monkeys

2.  Make a lunch date with Mon Ami..

3. Fax stuff in for Mission Fish

4. Write up eBay Junk

5. Blog

6. Dinner.. I won’t be home.. so it’s leftover night..

9. Fix photos from the concert

10. Get out of my Olympic Depression.. (the Olympics are over)  I’m trying but it’s just not working..

11. Enroll child #2  in HTML Class

12. Wii Fit 30 minutes

13.  Meeting #1

14. Take #4 to dance

15. Meeting #2 Meeting #2 was canceled…

Tabled Items:

1. Order Confessions Book for youth group  (sold out.. check back later)

2. work on the Cooking Blog

3. stretch and block my friend’s needlepoint

4. finish #1’s Coat (make button holes)

5. make lining for the felted purse #1 gave m

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