It’s New Years.. and I need a Cocktail Dress!

The Man and I do the same thing every New Year’s eve… we go out early for dinner (usually on the Plaza) walk around shop a little, drink some Starbucks then bring Cheesecake Factory dessert home to eat with the kids.  A nice night.. not to eventful.  When I was growing up, I thought I would go to a BIG.. MONSTER.. New Years Eve Bashes.. you know the swanky kind that last all night.. and you spend the night in a posh hotel?  The Man is not that kind of “celebrator”.. he’s more of the “let’s grill some steaks and watch TV at home” kind of guy.  So this blog is really me dreaming that I need a cocktail dress for New Years Eve.

1. Black Silk Vintage Cocktail Dress.  This has a criss cross waist and super full skirt.  To see it go here. It’s being sold by Etsy seller Millstreetvintage.

2. Greta Garbo Black long slinky dress.  Wow.. I don’t know if I could walk in this.. but I would love to try.  Check it out here.  It is being sold by mnemosynedesigns.

3. Gucci Runway Evening Dress Brown Purple graduated color. See it here.  This fabulous dress is being sold on eBay by: 88caviar

4. Brown Duponi Silk Dress. This dress is hand made by Olivestyle on Etsy.  I thought I wanted it in red… but I fell in love with the brown.  Check it out here.

5. 1950’s Vintage Ceil Chapman Mocha silk Cocktail dress. Sold by Timeless Vintage Vixen  Check it out here.

Bonus Dress.. with a memory..

6.  Black One Shoulder Long Maxi Dress. This reminds me of something my mother wore at parties.  I think she had one that was a funny blue green color.  I remember thinking she looked so glamorous in it..  To see this one go here.  This is being sold by eBay Seller Honeydress.

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