Starbucks in a Trailer.. Park Or The Remodeling Job


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Last Thursday we were out in Lee's Summit.  I noticed the Starbucks that I had visited on NUMEROUS occasions.. and the first place I first tasted my favorite drink… White Chocolate Mocha (non fat). Had changed.  It no longer was a free standing, non-moving building, but a trailer.. on WHEELS!

Starbucks, lee's summit, 291, white chocolate mocha

Seriously… This is Starbucks.

The cones are part of the drive thru.  You can sorta see in the background the old Starbucks that is being re-modeled.

Here is the storage area. Festive basket huh?

Seating… notice the nice flooring.

Fancy bathroom…

starbucks, trailer, I love starbucks, re modeling

This remodeling-Starbucks in a trailer.. cracks me up.

I wanted to ask the employees..

  • What the customers think of the new building?
  • Do they still have wifi?
  • Has anyone stolen anything from the "storage" shed?
  • Anyone ran over your drive thru cones?
  • Have customers been nice or do they complain?
  • Had any strange people take photos of the new operation? 😉

Starbucks Collectibles.. How much Would you Pay for $500.00 Gift Card?

How much do you think this gift card is worth? Would you guess $300.00? How about $500.00? Check it out HERE. If you are interested in collecting Starbucks cards.. go HERE.

Apparently this card is SUPER Rare.. one of only 6 given out at Crossword Challenge.. It sold on eBay for $10277.00. Makes me wish I took up Crossword puzzles 😉

Here's some background info on the card:

Limited Edition

This is the "Crossword" Card, a MEGA-RARE and truly a unique Starbucks Card. The highest price ever paid for any Starbucks Card to date happened on January 27th, 2011 and sold for a record $10,277.00.

This Card was given away to the winners of the "Ultimate Coffeehouse Crossword Challenge" only." The first puzzle of The Ultimate Coffeehouse Crossword Challenge appeared Sunday, February 19, in Starbucks in-store copies of The New York Times, and continued for six consecutive Sundays through March 26. Here's how it worked.

"Will Shortz – editor of The New York Times crossword puzzle and host of the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament — has created six weeks of crossword puzzles that will be available only in The New York Times newspapers sold at Starbucks locations nationwide."

That will be six special Sunday crosswords.

"Each crossword created for Starbucks is linked to coffeehouse experiences, featuring artists, musicians, painters, and others whose works were inspired at the coffeehouse of their time. The puzzles range from easy to moderate, with each week presenting a new thematic test of wit and wisdom, and a unique way to shake up your weekend crossword ritual with Starbucks."

"To win coffee for life, you must complete (and save) the puzzles each week. After the final puzzle, log onto to complete a virtual scavenger hunt, in which the answers are found in each week's puzzle. Once the clues are all answered online, a telephone number will appear, and the first correct respondent to the final question will win Starbucks coffee for life."

So it would seem that speed is of the essence for the final puzzle on March 26.

Winners received a letter much like the one below from Starbucks.

Congratulations! You were among an elite group of participants who successfully completed the Ultimate Coffeehouse Crossword Challenge earlier this month. As one of the first five callers with the correct answer, we'd like to offer you a Starbucks Card loaded with $500!

This isn't just any Starbucks card either. This card was especially created for the Grand Prize and First Prize winners of the Challenge. It is one of only six cards with this special Ultimate Coffeehouse Crossword Challenge Design. Use this card to enjoy some of your favorite Starbucks treats on us, or perhaps even invest in some new brewing equipment of your own.

We sincerely appreciate your participation in the Challenge. We hope you found the puzzles to be both challenging and fun. Whether you solved them on your own, or as part of a team, we hope this contest encouraged you to connect with others and share your experience.

The Card was issued without a Matching Sleeve.

Christmas Before and After Part 2

Part 2 of Christmas Before and After…

The hutch in my dining room before…


polka dot pigs, christmas tree, pig wall paper

And after again..

pigs, pig wall, cute kitchen stuff, pig plates, salt and pepper shaker

Here's a before of my buffet table. I bought this table at an auction

for $50.00. I loved the top, it's stainless steel.. and the insides of the

drawers are lined with stainless steel. Pretty cool huh?

starbucks, christmas, starbucks ornaments, red and white

Here's my after… I bought all the wood trees from Starbucks

three or so years ago. The paper cone trees are from Starbucks

5 years ago.

My dining room.. before.. ignore my "not framed" french doors.

This is a work in progress..

starbucks ornaments, starbucks trees, cone trees, red and white, christmas

Dining room after.

These red and white cone trees came from Starbucks. I've seen

them from time to time on eBay.

starbucks, christmas, ornament

After …

After.. window decoration…

Kitchen Christmas Tree

My kitchen tree.. with glittery fruit.

I forgot to included this one from yesterday.. This is in my entry way.. On

my banister I have all the different stockings that we have had since 1994.

I've made 4 sets of different stockings over the years, and when

I have a new baby I can't find the matching fabric.. so I make new ones.

Which will be happening NEXT year.. 🙂

Something to Sell on eBay: Starbucks Collectibles

starbucks, starbucks collectibles, stuff to sell on eBay

Starbucks New Orleans Bourbon Street Mug

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Mega Rare Japan Starbucks Gift Card SOLD $250.00 eBay Seller daicy_u Check it out HERE.

Starbucks North Carolina State of Bean City Mug Sold for $199.99 by eBay Seller got_starbucks Check it out HERE.

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Syrup x2 with Two Pumps SOLD 150.00 by eBay Seller rachellenorman2010 Check it out HERE

Starbucks Coffee Series City Mug 16 oz Syndey 2010 SOLD $99.99 By eBay Seller Jinny_lindali Check it out HERE.