Nothing, or How I am Mad at Gary Lezak…

Well it’s 9: something PM.  Do you know what I’ve done today? Nothing.  (ok I’ve done something)  But I’ve accomplished NOTHING on the eBay front.

  1. I’ve run a few errands with The Man.. and I ate lunch with him.. ALONE.
  2. made chili.
  3. wrote up one thing for eBay.
  4. took a nap on the sofa with The Man.
  5. Ate Chili
  6. Watch Sex and the City Movie, while I read some blogs.
  7. I did not participate in Earth Hour.. because well.. I forgot. (all those green people can flog me now) I  actually think EVERY LIGHT in my house was on.. (cue the Trace Atkins song) 

So here’s how the snow looked at my house at around 6:45pm.

                                                         We received about 3 inches of snow. NOT the 8-12" that Gary Lezak said we would get…

**some of you might question this photo.. this is my front yard.  The Man says it’s our front 10 acres.  The little gazebo thing he gave me for my birthday last year.  Since we disagree on where it goes.. we’ve left it there all lonely and needing a home.

I think I am very angry at Gary Lezak.. the next time he gives me the weather I’m going to have Child #5 give him this look…


Don’t you love a strong man holding a baby?  It makes me want baby #6.  Don’t tell The Man.. he said NO to Baby #2, #3, #4, & #5… 

To The Man: baby=money 
To me: baby=love

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