FINALLY I’m going to work on eBay stuff oh and it’s SNOWING…

So I’ve run all kinds of errands today.. and written my Confirmation Class Worksheets for the weekend.  FINALLY.. I’m ready to write up a few eBay  things.

                                                                            Look… it’s starting to snow!

So after waiting.. and waiting.. it’s starting to snow.  Gary Lezak said it would start at 11:00 AM.. it’s started about 3:00…

                                        Here’s another picture.. You might notice.. those white spots those are flakes.

This photo was taken off my front porch.  You can’t see the snow yet.. but can you see the ice in the trees?  I sure hope the electricity stays on.  Which reminds me of the Ice Storm of 2002… that was not fun.  We were without power for 7 days.  The kids and I spent a lot of time at the library during that seven days.

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