Pinterest Photo Challenge Day 13: Something I found

Today's Pinterest Challenge is: "Something I Found."  I went to Marshall's and while I was there I went to use the ladies room.  Except the Ladies room looked like this:

This is fine if it's only a "1" person bathroom.  This one is not. I tentatively went in, and no one was in there… but while I was.. well.. you know… someone came in with a little girl.  I heard the little girl jabbering along.. and I heard someone turn on the sink.  When I was finished with my business, I came out to wash my hands too, and there right in front of me was a cute little girl.. and her father.. ACK!  I tried to act like it didn't freak me out.. but it did a little. 🙂 

I talked to the little girl, smiled and opened to the door to leave, and as I was leaving, another dude was coming in!  I'd like to think I'm super progressive… but it was a little strange.  🙂

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