The Most Perfect Birthday.. (To Me)

Getting older freaks me out a little bit.  Sometimes I think our society believes that old people are irrelevant, and have no purpose.  That kind of scares me.  I want to be relevant. I want to have a purpose.  I think sometimes we look at some one that is older and forget that they have lived.. and have done cool, stupid, important things.  Thursday (July 9th) was my birthday.. and over this last weekend we did some of my favorite things to celebrate!

birthday19On Wednesday I celebrated my birthday with the Youth Group and sweet Alexis.  Alexis and I have the same birthday 🙂  I’m not sure why #2 picked out a dog cake for us.. but it does kind of look like our dog a little bit.

birthday18Thursday we went to see Jurassic World at the Fork and Screen.. (my favorite)  That’s all the little muffins.. it’s just hard to see them.

On June 11, 1993 Jurassic Park opened up and I was one of the first people to see that movie in the Clearwater  Mall.  I was getting ready to move back home to Kansas from Florida  and thought this movie was the break I needed between packing.  I went to the movie by myself.. and the theater was FULL.  When the raptor jumped out in the kitchen scene, I grabbed some dude’s leg next to me.  As I was sitting in the Olathe Kansas.. with all my kids surrounding me.. I thought just how far I had come, and just how lucky I was.  The first time I saw a Jurassic movie I was alone.. and moving home hoping to get married and have a family.. and look at me now!  I sat next to #4 and during the movie he leaned over and said; “If you get scared and grab my leg it will be OK mom.”

After the movie we went and shopping and looked for my pig plates I want..

pigplate2The only place besides eBay these can be found are Marshall’s or TJ Maxx.  They are Magenta by Rae Dunn.  She makes all kinds of cute stuff.  I’m not crazy about the white one.. but I want the red, green and yellow one.  I first found these in the Buckhead (Atlanta) Marshalls.  I am going to use them for my salad plates.  I got lucky and found some more in Kansas City.

After shopping we met The Man and ate dinner at my favorite Chinese restaurant.. Rice House.  I love their Springfield Cashew Chicken.

Friday The Man got us a hotel room for the night.  While he was working…

birthday15I was working at our hotel room.

birthday16AND.. I had a fantastic lunch.. shrimp cocktail, croissant, cantaloupe, Argo Tea and a pomegranate Pellegrino.

It’s amazing how much you can get done when you can focus… and don’t have any interruptions.

birthday14The Man got off work.. and we did a little furniture shopping.  Our dining room table use to be perfect for us.. and then we had #6 and well.. we need a bigger table.  I told him I wanted THIS table and he said if I played my cards right and found the top.. he would make it.  Uh.. that’s a good day right?

birthday12We ate dinner at Ted’s Cafe Escondido.  They just opened up in Overland Park.  It was really good!

birthday11Saturday morning we went to the Nelson Akins Museum.

birthday5This makes me laugh..

birhday6They LOVE this sculpture.



birthday9We had snacks in the Cafe

birthday5Sniped an auction for this cute little needlepoint I wanted.. and WON!

birthday7And ate dinner at my favorite Japanese Steakhouse.. Gojos.

nelsonfamily1It was the perfect Birthday.

Pinterest Photo Challenge Day 13: Something I found

Today's Pinterest Challenge is: "Something I Found."  I went to Marshall's and while I was there I went to use the ladies room.  Except the Ladies room looked like this:

This is fine if it's only a "1" person bathroom.  This one is not. I tentatively went in, and no one was in there… but while I was.. well.. you know… someone came in with a little girl.  I heard the little girl jabbering along.. and I heard someone turn on the sink.  When I was finished with my business, I came out to wash my hands too, and there right in front of me was a cute little girl.. and her father.. ACK!  I tried to act like it didn't freak me out.. but it did a little. 🙂 

I talked to the little girl, smiled and opened to the door to leave, and as I was leaving, another dude was coming in!  I'd like to think I'm super progressive… but it was a little strange.  🙂

Who Knew a Back Brush would Sell so Well?

I love to shop at Marshalls. To check to see if you have a Marshalls in your area go here: I found these cute little shower brushes there one time. They had them on clearance for $3.00 each. They met all of my requirements to buy.. they were cute, interesting, and had an something collectible about them.

This one had a vintage Fly Fishing theme to it.

vintage back brush, marshalls, fly fishing, sexy pinup

Cute huh? I thought it would appeal to sailors, fly fisherman (or fisherwomen).

I also found this one…

She's cute.. and I thought she would appeal to cowgirls (and cowboys). And just people that wanted to have a shower brush.

I bought one of each kind and put them on eBay. The blue one sold for $32.00 and the pink one for $28.00. I went to EVERY Marshalls in the area, and bought the rest of them!


A little side note… I bought 2 pairs of shoes at Marshalls, for $5.00 a piece. I wore them a couple of times, and didn't really like them too much. One pair was a tiger print and the other zebra. The looked similar to this.

I sold the zebra pair for $46.00 and the tiger pair for $56.00..only just a couple of reasons WHY I love Marshalls.