So What Are YOU Doing Tomorrow?

Here’s Day 2 of my daily to-do list. I was semi-successful yesterday

  • Cut 7 yards of fabric into 4″ x 1″ strips for hair bob’s. (Winter Fun Girl Scout Project) (almost done Thanks Lorna!)
  • Make sample hair bob, bottle cap necklace
  • Write instructions for Winter Fun Crafts
  • Figure out the new eBay Fee schedule
  • Blog about making lasagna
  • Power Point for Youth Sunday
  • Grandma’s Chicken & Rice for Dinner
  • Make Chicken and Noodles for Saturday’s Dinner
  • Check all the Winter Fun Boxes to make sure everything they need is in there
  • Find out if we have a schedule for each of the groups
  • Wrap #4’s Birthday Presents
  • Deliver the last of the Girl Scout Cookies
  • Count Cookie Money
  • Make lunches for Saturday
  • Write my Ask the eBay Queen Blog
  • Write a Girl Scout Blog
  • Charge the camera battery
  • Pick up the house.
  • School with the kids (8:30-11:30)
  • Make sure the kids do their chores
  • Remind the man to go to Sam’s
  • Answer eBay emails
  • I lost all my blogs for January 11-17th Get those back up…

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