Thanksgiving Meal.. Plans?

thanks5Pecan Pie with Whiskey Maple Sauce

We are having dinner on Thursday, and according to my mother, we are having 38 people. 

Here's the menu:  Relish tray (for snack) Dinner: Turkey, Ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, dressing, green bean casserole, praline sweet potatoes, croissants, 5 cup salad, Waldorf salad, and green pistachio something or other.  Dessert is: Lemon Meringue Pie, Pecan, Pumpkin, French Silk, Apple, Coconut Pie and a black forest cake.

Here's my grocery list.

2 Turkey                                           Ham                                                   30lbs potatoes                                       14lbs butter

faux butter                                      10lbs Flour                                          4 loaves Sprinkle bread                            cornbread

alum. pans                                     napkins                                              plastic flatware                                         plates

oranges                                          tea bags                                             green beans                                            mushroom soup

onion                                              celery                                                 sprinkly onion things                                sweet potatoes

pecans                                          brown sugar                                          coconut                                                  sage

sour cream                                    chicken broth                                         whipping cream (real stuff)                        eggs

sugar                                            carrots                                                   cherry tomatoes                                    olives

cheese (cheddar)                           Salsa                                                     chips                                                    crackers

water chestnuts                             sausage                                                 poultry seasoning                                  Karo syrup

apples                                          cinnamon                                               corn starch                                             vanilla

ice cream                                      ice                                                         cranberries                                              lemons          

splenda                                        coffee                                                     Jack Daniels


**I know I have forgot something… **      

Tuesdays To DO List

strickers auction, art deco lamp, naked ladies

I went to the auction last night.. I really wanted this lamp..  I didn’t

get it.. it was WAY out of my price range at 290.00!

1. Wii Fit

2. List eBay Stuff

3.  Do something with #2′s hair.

4. Write and Send in article.

5. Do something with my hair..

6. AGAIN! Download all the stuff that I need to make my computer RIGHT again.

7. Take #1 to the Dr.

8. Schedule listings.

9. Call Napster.

10.  Make some insurance phone calls.

11. Dinner= meatloaf, mashed potatoes,  corn, gravy

Monday’s To Do List…

Monday’s To Do List

1. List eBay Stuff

2. Library Sale

3. Wii Fit

4.  Do something with #2’s hair.

5. Do something with my hair..

6. Figure out if I’m going to THIS auction tonight.

7. Download all the stuff that I need to make my computer RIGHT again.

8. Schedule listings.

9. Call Napster.

10.  Make some insurance phone calls.

11.  Bank

12. Dinner= meatloaf, mashed potatoes,  corn, gravy OR if I’m at the auction… Left overs..

Thursday’s To-Do List

This was my strange item of the week. I found it searching for jadite… Because I love Jadite.

I wonder if Heinz Soups had restaurants or if they gave these bowls to restaurants that

carried their soups?  Either way this bowl is a GREAT item to sell on eBay.   Check out this Fire King

Heinz 57 Soup Bowl SOLD $140.00

1.  School the monkeys..

2. Check on Mission Fish Status

3.  Dinner.. Mexican Pizza (Grilled Chicken and Beef)

4.   Change 900 listings and their store categories (on going process)

5. Wii Fit 30 minutes

6.  Finish About Me page for Charity Auction

7.  Start #3’s father daughter dance dress.

8.  Call Dentist

9.  make Dr’s appt’s

10.  Write up a BUNCH of Charity auctions!

11. Touch up the rooms the youth painted at church yesterday.

12.  BLOG

Tabled Items

1. Order Confessions Book for youth group  (sold out.. check back later)

2. work on the Cooking Blog

3. stretch and block my friend’s needlepoint

4. finish #1’s Coat (make button holes)

5. make lining for the felted purse #1 gave me