Happy Birthday #1.5! Did you see the (.)?

Who doesn’t love a Birthday Party?

Don’t you love the hat?

Can you find #4 pointing at the cake?

See how this photo is hazy? That’s the smoke from the candles.. who knew 14 candles

made so much smoke.

How cute is this kid? He’s one of #4’s good friends. Don’t you love

first graders with their missing front teeth?

Present time.. Present time.. I believe this is “The Beatles Rock Band” notice all the boys

looking at it in awe?

I know this photo is blurry…. but can you see the DVD he got?

It’s Hogan’s Hero’s season two.. How cool is that kid?

You think he’ll wear this while he plays the Beatles Rock Band?

A phone for his 14th birthday? You think he’ll use it? 😉

Enjoying one of the gifts.

This is #2.. he’s programming all the important digits into the Birthday Boy’s phone.

I believe he was sending his sister a text message.

(she was sitting 10 feet away from him)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my Sweet #1.5

(he’s #1.5 because he’s between #1 and #2 in age.. and I love him like he was my own)

OH.. and this is 1.5’s brother.. I love him like he was my own too.. I think he would be #2.5.