First Day of School Homeschooling Style..

Today was the first day of school at the eBay Queen’s home. In case you didn’t know I homeschool all those kids you see on my blog. I explained to them last night they needed to get up early, and I WOULD be taking their photos.. as you can see only two of the kids really listened. Can you figure out which two?

1st day of homeschool, home schooling, #2 the tall one, #3 in pink, #4 in Spongebob and #5 looking a bit like he got home a half hour ago.

I’m pretty sure this kid just got up..

Looks like someone got the memo on what we were doing this am..

Dressed and ready to go.. Who cares he doesn’t have on shoes (the teacher didn’t either)

Well at least he got a shirt on..