4-Wheelers in the land of The Man

Last weekend a couple of my friends came over to my house on their 4-wheelers. You probably know this.. but I am not a 4-wheeler kind of girl. That didn’t stop my kids from having a good time riding them.. and me having a good time watching them.

#4 Looking so excited to go on his first 4-Wheeler ride.

He is loving this!

No.. #4 wasn’t on there this time..

This was my photo of the day… Bryan and his sweet sister riding a wheelie.

Here’s #2 riding.. see that tree in the background? I love that tree.. it reminds me of something on the African plains..

#2 is pretty happy with this 4-wheeler too.

Here’s #4 & #5 on their “4-wheelers” cute huh?

#5 would not ride on the 4-wheeler with Bryan. But he kept telling them how much faster

his was than theirs..

Here’s #2 riding #4’s out to show them who’s boss.

Here’s #2 poppin’ a wheelie (with the help of Josh)

Here’s #3 getting ready to take a ride with Bryan.

She looks a little nervous, but I think she had a good time.

I asked #4 to show me the look The Man would give if he knew he was riding a 4-wheeler

This is sort of it..