Something that Sells on eBay: Vintage Candy Dispensers

vintage candy containers, candy dispenser, stuff that sells on eBay

I'm not sure that I would have known this was a candy dispenser…

Antique Dresden Candy Container Christmas Ornament Train Sold $2121.01 By eBay Seller car69  Check it out HERE 


Vintage Halloween Hard Plastic Witch and Cat Pumpkin Carriage Candy Container  Sold $1126.01  By eBay Seller cmb16pa3 Check it out HERE


German Halloween JOL Headed Candy Container Sold $800.00 by eBay Seller jolfarmer  Check it out HERE 



Antique Dresden Paper Ornament Elegant Lady’s Boot Candy Container SOLD $737.99 By eBay Seller redd062266  Check it out HERE 


German Halloween Cardboard Squash and Witch Candy Container  SOLD $795.00 by eBay Seller  JOLFARMER Check it out HERE 

Something that Sells on eBay: Playing Cards

playing cards, vintage cards, playing games, games, old cards, card games

I like the colors of these…

Antique 1830 Thomas Creswick Imperial Non Standard Playing Cards  SOLD $1209.00 by no1swimmer.  Check it out HERE 



I love the case for this one.

Antique Playing Cards French Twin Pack Gibert Paris paper Toy Rare SOLD $1014.45 by eauctionworks4u Check it out HERE  


Rare! Stencil Colored Erotic Translucent Playing Cards 1860’s Germany  SOLD 1050.00 by wrxcards  Check it out HERE


Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards Authentic Red/Blue Decks SOLD $699.00 By eBay Seller bigbuckhitter  Check it out HERE 


Rare Sealed Purple Vintage Golden Nugget Casino Gambling Hall Playing Card Deck. $649.00 By eBay Seller mabber66 Check it out HERE 

Something That Sells on eBay.. Primitives

primitive sampler, needlework


AAFA Scarce Astronomy American ABC Needlework Sampler, Pennsylvania $3850.00 by eBay Seller OldWellAntiques.  Check it out HERE 


Antique Goldeneye Duck Decoy Saginaw Bay Michigan Hollow Body Otto Misch Vintage  SOLD $3650.00 by eBay Seller AllSortzOfStuff.  Check it out HERE  



Rare Running Fox Weathervane Folk Art Primitive  SOLD $2900.00 by LandManEfe  Check it out HERE  


Antique Primitive Fold Art Hand Painted 2 Sided Checkers Parcheesi Game  Sold $2507.00 Check it out HERE 


Museum Quality Early Antique Folk Art Pewter & Tin Foil Sconce SOLD $2026.99 by eBay Seller audee17  Check it out HERE 




What is this? Vintage Eagle Pin

celluloid, eagle, vintage pin, hitler, bone, antique

I found this in a box of junk fabulous stuff. I'm not sure exactly what it is. I think that's an eagle in the center medallion… and I know those are wings. But is this a special pin for an airline or maybe a military pin? I can't imagine it being anything more than costume jewelry….

I know it's a little dirty.. but what do you think? Special? Unique? or a dud…