Dear eBay Queen: My Buyer is Scamming me!

Dear eBay Queen:

I think it’s not eBay legal to do what this buyer did to me. I sell authentic Apple ear buds, Beats by Dre headphones and phone cases. An eBay customer purchased a set of Apple ear buds from me, on Wednesday the 14th of October. I sent them out the same day. He left me negative feedback on Tuesday the 20th, because they had not arrived yet. When I check the scans, they say “attempted not delivered.” The negative that he left me was ‘Took a week to ship bad example of eBayer AVOID” I sent him a message, and let him know that the post office attempted delivery, and were at his post office now. He responded: “Do you work for the Post Office? What a ___expletive__ bad liar you are! I needed those headphones NOW. You will pay dearly for this delay.”
About 15 minutes after his email I received an Item not Received case. He demanded an immediate refund in the case. I wasn’t sure what to do and responded with the tracking info. I contacted eBay the next day when I saw that he picked it up at the post office. eBay closed the case and removed the feedback. I thought it would be over, but it was not. I forgot to block this doofus, and he ordered ANOTHER set of Apple ear buds. I sent them out, and he received them within 3 days. He left me ANOTHER negative that reads: “Does not sell authentic goods, scammer & not worth my time.” Then just like before, he opens a case, but this time Item Not as Described. He says in the case that the ear buds are not authentic, and that he wants me removed from eBay for being a fraud. I respond that the items are authentic, if he would like to return these, they would need to be in my original box. He responds that he has thrown them away! I’ve tried to call eBay 3 times, and I’m put on hold for 1hour + waiting to talk to someone. While on hold the 3rd time I found your website. Maybe you can give me some insight on what to do? Is this considered retaliatory feedback? If I ever get a hold of eBay what should I say?


Dear SRD:

I know I am telling you something you already know, but once a buyer shows that they have issues, it’s important to block them so that they don’t buy from you again. Or if they do attempt using someone else ID you have proof you blocked them. I know in the last couple of days eBay has been having problems with their phones. Keep trying. If you are on hold longer than 20 minutes past the estimated wait time I would hang up and try again. When you call and get through make sure you touch on these points.
• He had a complaint about the first item you sent, and it was found to be not valid
• He has threatened to bring your business down.
• You forgot to block him and he bought something else ONLY to leave negative feedback.
• If they look up the ratio of positive to negative feedback, it’s about 50% negative that he leaves.
• With the exception of his current negative, you have had no one (except him) accuse you of selling items that are not authentic.
• You can not ask him to send the item back because he has “thrown the item away”
• You are sure this should be considered retaliatory feedback.
I hope this is removed for you, and that you block this guy.


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