The No Good, Terrible, Rotten Day? It All Started with Spelling & a Printer

Yesterday was a suppose to go smooth.  I know that we are never guaranteed a smooth day, but I try very hard to make it go as smooth as possible. There are so many things that could make it not run smoothly… and yesterday they were all working against me

wichita10Here's 7 of the reasons the day may not go as planned. I never thought before I had children how they each would have their own personality and all want to do their own thing.

I got up early (for me) and was going to print off the spelling sheets I needed for this week. My printer that always works… stopped working.  So I woke up my cute college student and asked him to fix it.  After an hour of him *not fixing* it because of some drum issue, I decided to send him to the library to print them off.


shippingpkgsI had children giving me grief over the school work assigned.



I had children upset for the extra work they needed to get done because they did not do it when it was assigned.

eBay trouble was a brewin':

A buyer and I have been messaging back and forth over a bra that she says isn't the right one.  I've asked her the style number of the bra she did receive, and it matches with the style number of the bra in the listing.  She finally tells me the fabric on this bra isn't Jacquard.  I offer her a full refund once the item is sent back in it's original unused, unwashed condition with the tags attached.  She responds:

"I do not have tags anymore, but I can send you an image of this bra- solid white and that is why I am not happy. I have 5 of the solid white ones, but the jacquard one is more feminine and more comfy- as odd as it sounds, it is truth. I only wear this model bra.And this one is not jacquard. So, I guess I am not sending it back either because of the tags and…the shipping cost.. At this goes in the garbage, and it will be end of it. If you can think of any way to make it right, please go ahead, otherwise…I don't even know what else to ask. And as far as your answers are concerned, you did answer…and we went back and forth..but nothing solved the problem and for sure, didn't make me a happy camper. So..I guess I have no choice than to leave a negative feedback Thank you"

Fantastic… she's taken off the tags of a bra she *knows* is not the fabric she wanted.. PLUS she bought the bra knowing it wasn't the right one based upon looking at the pictures and the style number…. now I need to do something to make her a "happy camper" or she's going to leave me a negative feedback which results in a defect.

Meanwhile in the shipping department.. everything seemed to be going A-OK

shippingpkgWe got our packages out and ready to go!

Remember that little Library trip…

So #2 is at the library printing my spelling worksheet for the whiny excited students… and the very sweet librarian calls me to tell me she was talking to my charming son and mistakenly overcharged my PayPal Debit card.  I tell her it's no big deal, it happens to the best of us.  She then very sweetly, and quietly tells me she overcharged me 1,940.00 dollars.  She mistakenly did not put a decimal in.

ottawalibraryHoly Smokes….

I don't know about you.. but almost $2000 coming out of my business account could potentially mess up a lot of things.  Thankfully I called PayPal and they released the hold and we were back in business.


I hate to sound like Scarlett O'Hara.. but  "I can't think about that right now. If I do, I'll go crazy. I'll think about that tomorrow, after all, tomorrow is another day."