Boys Like Girls…DUH!

We were driving around Westport (Kansas City, MO) and saw this tour bus sitting out back of the Holiday Inn and Westport Flea Market.

boys like girls, love drunk, celebrity sightingAt the time it seemed familiar.. but I didn’t know how or why… until I came home and looked them up on my Napster Play list; and there they were!

boys like girls, love drunk

Why-oh-Why did I not listen to my kids and go get my picture with them?

If you’ve never listened to Boys Like Girls.. you should. I like “Love Drunk” and “She’s Got a Boyfriend Now” (just to name a few) My favorite line from Love Drunk? “I used to be love drunk, now I’m hung over; I love you forever, forever is over. We used to kiss all night, now it’s just a bar fight.” I can relate to those lines. Not with the man of course.. but I can relate. 🙂