Happy Mother’s Day

I am a mother. Really I am. I never thought I would be blessed with one kid.. let alone 6. Seriously..

I took home ec and 4 years of sewing because I secretly wanted to be one of those mothers. You know.. a combination of June Cleaver, Aunt Bea, Carol Brady and Mrs. C. I wanted to bake cookies, be a home room mom, go on field trips, make great lunches and leave cute little notes in their lunch boxes. I wanted to make princess dresses, drink tea from tiny cups and wipe their noses with my shirt. It wasn't popular to want to be a stay at home mom when I was growing up. I was expected to be more and want more. In a way I guess I did… I've always wanted more children 🙂

Just in case you have never met my children.. let me introduce them to you..

#6, #4 #1, #2, #5, #4 (all in their Easter outfits)

This is me and #1

#2.. (with his new drivers license)

This is #3…

angel, christmas pagent

#4 my sweet angel

#5 hanging out at the library.. reading..

Last but not least.. #6 sleeping

Happy Mother's Day!