The One about the Cute Blonde.. Baby

My sister and I look NOTHING alike. She's a blonde with green eyes.. and well I'm not. She's also tall.. and I'm not.  I'm like 10 years older than her… I vividly remember taking care of her and thinking she was the best thing EVER.  I would love to show you photos of how cute she was as a baby.. sadly I don't have those pictures.  I do have these photos of one of her daughters.. that looks just like her.


Look at those baby blue eyes!

Her mother says she's "sassy"… don't tell anyone, but her mother was "sassy" too!

Check out those curls!

LOVE those cheekies!

Her mother was horrified by her dirty feet.. but I thought they were charming.

See this look.. her momma made it too!


Sunday we celebrated our little brother's birthday.. and her 6 children and my 6 six children along with our brother's 1 child all got together.

My brother is in this group somewhere…