Birthday Cake= Kit Kat Cake

You may have figured out that #3 and #3.5 were born 16 hours apart… each year I ask them what kind of cake do they want.. This year they asked for a Kit Kat cake. I'm not really a Kit Kat kind of girl, I like Mounds or Almond Joy, maybe a Snickers.


This cake was really pretty easy to make.  I doubled a devils food cake recipe, poured them into 3 cake pans to make 3 thick round cakes.  Once they were cooled, I split them in half, frosted them with dark chocolate butter cream, and then pressed the Kit Kats to the side. I ran about 10 Kit Kat's through the food processor and put those crumbs on the cake.


I thought the cake was too rich, but everyone else really liked it.  I think it would be better with just plain butter cream.  If you ever want to make this cake, put your frosting on thick, it helps the Kit Kat's stick to the sides. 🙂