Pierce the Darkness.. Leave a Note Day


A super sweet note I received that made my day.

Today is Piercing the Darkness: Leave a Note Day (You can check it out on Facebook)

On January 17th, take 30 seconds to write an encouraging note on a piece of paper. Leave it anonymously somewhere that someone who needs it can find it – and let destiny do the rest!

On top of a stack of cans in the grocery store? Post-it note on the bathroom mirror at work? Written on the back of your bill at a restaurant? Scribbled on a napkin and left on a bench? Scrawled on a piece of notebook paper and slipped into the locker of someone you don't know? Yes, yes, yes! All of these are perfect. The idea is to make someone smile, give them hope, encouragement…and pierce the darkness that has overcome our world.

The purpose of Piercing the Darkness is to help be a source of light in the world in these times of darkness. We do easy, simple things that help others feel a little better, and in turn, we feel a little better, too. It's a baby step towards bringing light back into this perpetually darkening world.

Write some notes.. and leave them for some people!