See I told you someone would get hurt..

I have three boys that can’t seem to STOP WRESTLING. They do it ALL THE TIME and it makes me nuts. I keep telling them someone is going to get hurt… and just like I predicted. It happened.

Here’s my Sweet Baby.. look at that face. Look at the tear stains on my shirt.

See the gash above his sweet baby eye?

It doesn’t look too bad here, but I really thought it might need stitches.

The Man said; “Suzie PLEASE! He’s fine.”

It bled like crazy!

Here’s The Man putting the bandage on.

Here’s the bandage.. oh and my wedding ring from #4.

You see #5 and #4 were wrestling. #4 didn’t mean didn’t mean to hurt his

sweet baby brother. If you know him, you’d see that he was really upset in this photo,

but was trying to be tough.

They really do love each other.. (or that’s what I keep telling myself) There’s #3 just chilling in the chair.

(please don’t notice one of my 1940’s prints has fallen behind the sofa and no one has bothered to pick it up)

#4 was pretty upset about hurting his brother.

#5 looks like nothing happened.