It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time!

Here's #3 with our Troops Cookie Orders.

I started out my morning at the very early hour of 9:00AM. (I may

live in the country.. but I'm not The Pioneer Woman!) Like all the

years before this one, the KS National Guard Armory was the

place to be today to see 12800 boxes of Girl Scout cookies all in

one place.

The cookie truck arrives and the cookie cases are unloaded one at

a time… yes.. one at a time…all 12,800 boxes.

They stack them by kind.. in their own section. These are

peanut butter patties.

See that KS National Guardsman? He is watching this unloading..

and like us, is thinking it's taking a long time.

So he brought out the big guns..

Yea! A Fork Lift..

It made stacking those boxes go so much quicker!

Once the truck was unloaded and all the boxes are in their appropriate

stacks. We separate them out from the large stacks into the 26 Troops

that represent our county.

Here's our Troop's Cookies.. Once the cookies are separated into troops,

troop leaders (like me) sort them out by each girls order.

Here's part of our troop's cookies sorted and ready to pick up!

The girls and their parents came.. we packed their cars up

tight. So tight you couldn't see the girls.

What's your favorite Girl Scout Cookie?