Pepper Berry Plants?

We have these weird plants with berries that grow in the late fall around my house. I’ve always called them pepper berries. I don’t think that’s what they really are..

Pretty aren’t they?

I sent #2 and #3 out to find some to use to fill the vases we have.

I gave #2 specific instructions to take photos of #3 cutting the berries.

This is the only “head shot” I got of #3. Not the most attractive photo.

She looks like she’s afraid of the camera!

Here’s the other photo he took of her.. She has a really nice

forearm huh?

Nice photo of a pretty November Sky.

I love color of these berries with the lime green yellow of the leaves.

I wish the leave stayed this color when I put them in my vases.

My favorite photo! I love the evergreen plant with the berries.

I found this photo at the end of the set of Pepper Berry Pictures.

Maybe this is #3’s way at getting back #2 with the dorky picture…

I know that is my plan. 🙂