When You Feel Snarky it’s time for a Mini Vacation…

I’ve put off writing my blog until the very last minute… WHY? you ask.. (you asked right?) I’m a grouch. I’ve started my blog several times.. and each time it was pretty snarky. Since I’m so dang snarky tonight, I thought I needed a vacation…. So here’s a couple of vacation homes I’d like on eBay.

Here’s a lovely Ocean View Estate in Camden Maine..

Sq Footage (Sq. ft.): 5000.00 Setting: Ocean
Property Type: House Number of Bedrooms: 5
Property Address: 500 Belfast Road Number of Bathrooms: 4.5
City: Camden Year Built: 2003
State/Province: Maine Lot Size (acres): 1.28

Here is a lovely Cranberry Farm.. on 190 ACRES! The house is a little small.. but dang we could own a cranberry bog!

Sq Footage (Sq. ft.): 800.00 Setting: Rural/Country
Property Type: CARETAKERS COTTAGE Number of Bedrooms: 2
Property Address: 2515 JOE JOHNS RD Number of Bathrooms: 1
City: Ocean Park Year Built: 1977
State/Province: Washington Lot Size (acres): 190.00
Zip/Postal Code: 98640 Sale Type: Existing Homes

Here’s an awesome house with a Lake View in Austin Texas...

Here’s the Front Doors.. with doors like this.. Does it matter what the rest of the house looks like?

Check out this view!

Sq Footage (Sq. ft.): 4055.00 Setting: Mountain
Property Type: House Number of Bedrooms: 5
Property Address: 13045 Zen Gardens Way Number of Bathrooms: 3.5
City: Austin Year Built: 2009
State/Province: Texas Lot Size (acres): 0.99

Check out that address "Zen Gardens Way".. How could you ever be in a bad mood on ZEN Gardens Way?