You Dirty, Dirty Fan

My laptop isn't exactly new. In laptop years it is pretty old. It is used constantly and without it I would be lost. About a month ago it started getting hot and shutting off. I called The Man to let him know of my problem. He diagnosed (without even looking at it) as being a "dirty fan." I asked him if he'd fix it that night and as usual he told me "Just remind me." When he says this I always think.. "what am I doing now?"

A month went by and it shut off a few other times.. and the above conversation happened a few more times.

Then I got lucky.. and it just happened to shut off when he was home…

I didn't really believe his diagnosis, after all he hadn't even looked at it… But Check out how dirty that fan is! (You know you've always wanted to see how dirty my computer is…) Please don't judge my dirty fan.. this has nothing to do with how clean I keep my children or house.. 😉

When I started dating The Man, my mother grabbed me by both arms, looked me square in the eye and said; "Suzie he can FIX things! Do you know what that means?" At the time I didn't really.. because well I grew up without someone who could fix stuff… so I had no idea of the benefit.

My mother would be proud, The Man is showing #2 how to clean the fan on a laptop. Maybe just maybe he'll be someone's man who could fix things. I hope that girl will know how lucky she is. 🙂