What I Would Like to Wear Just Once Before I Die…

During lunch I like to look through my Etsy email. Do you get an Etsy email? If you don’t, I believe you should. Today’s email was about "Mad Men". I’ve never seen it myself, but I love the clothes from it. So the Etsy email got me looking at these clothes and made me think.. "Gee I wish I could wear that".. So I’ve compiled a list of items I’d like to wear before I die…

Here’s the first one… I think I’d wear this one to church.. our church is pretty casual,

so I guess I wouldn’t wear the pearls 😉

Here’s number two.. I have no idea where I would wear this… maybe I would just clean

the bathrooms in it..

Here’s #3.. Who doesn’t love a red dress.. I think I would vaccum in this one… with pearls

and heels. Then I would know what it feels like to be Wally & Beaver’s mother.