Sir Fix-A-Lot and I Got a Thing Goin’ On..

Eighteen years ago I wasn’t so crazy about The Man.  I thought he was kind of nerdy, and wore his shorts to short and the only shirts he wore were button up western type shirts.  I could not IMAGINE spending my life with him.  My mother however, saw something else in him.  She saw through the weird clothes.  She kept telling me.. “He’s a great guy!”  “He’s in love with you!” (she said this after our 3rd date) “You can change his clothes! But you can’t change what a great guy he is!”  and my favorite: “He can fix anything! Do you know what that means to people like us Suzie?”  (She always said “people like us”, I’m not sure what that means.)

Last week our pipe under the kitchen sink broke.. and guess what…The Man fixed it!

That’s a pretty big hole don’t you think?

I’m really glad my mother kept telling me to give him a chance.  He handles stuff I don’t want to deal with (like throw up and car care).  You can set a watch by his movements, and he’s easy to please… most of the time.  I also like that he can fix almost anything I throw at him… which seems like something every week.  I also love when I tell him that my mother said “he was in love with me on our 3rd date” and he just looks at me and says;  “Whhhaaatttt.  That’s YES in Man talk.