Weaving.. it’s not just for Weavers

Last year I was looking for a fun craft for my girl scouts to do.  I came across this site that had a cute little coin purse that could be wove  (woven).?.?   We did one coin purse out of regular red heart yarn (poly-blend).  It was cute, but I thought I could make it better.. stronger.. faster.. (name that TV show).

I decided if we did the weaving out of wool, we could felt it and make it into a purse or backpack for the girls.   We collected wool and eyelash yarn and started out to make our backpacks.

Here would be a great place for me to show you photographs of the work we did..  which I don’t have.  This weekend (when we went camping), I made a small bag to hold my external hard drive.

This is right after we felted it.. it’s still wet and kind of misshapen.

This isn’t the actual item I made.. but we wove them on handmade

cardboard looms.  (This was a USED postal box just in case you are

a postal person that is having a hard time breathing right now)

Here’s what it looked like before we felted it, and after I took it off

the loom.  It was about 8×8 here.  After agitating  it in hot hot

water for a few minutes, washing it in dish soap…  then rubbing

it against it’s self… it shrunk to this:

About 5 x4.  I will do a step by step blog on how to do this..

soon.  It’s a really cool project to do with your girl scouts,

daughter or friends.  I love watching it go from nothing.. to


Frugal Valentine’s Finds on Etsy!

I’m sure The Man knows.. that Valentine’s day is just  7 short days away.  Just in case he doesn’t here are a few ideas  for him.  They are also ALL under $30.00.

1.  Felted Flower Purse by Etsy Seller Felted cost $20.00  Here’s what the artist says about it:

~~This is a cute little felted purse to hold all of your essentials. It will hold your cell, lipstick, credit cards, coins, etc. It has a gorgeous felted flower on the front, and is lined in black cotton fabric. There is a super cute little coordinating felted ball on the end of the zipper, the exterior of the purse is 100% pure wool, but not at all scratchy.
~~This purse would make a great gift for someone special in your life who likes soft and feminine things! Ideal for bridesmaids gifts too!
~~The purse is 4″ x 6″.
~~Please see my other listings as I am always happy to combine shipping.
~~Thanx for buying handmade!

I also love this item.. from Felted. I would buy it for #1 Merlot Cowl with Winter White Rose

2.   Sugar Cookie Valentine bracelet byEtsy Seller: oogieboogiebaubles $27.00 Here’s what the artist says about it:

Here’s a sweet treat for Valentine’s Day! This bracelet has 4 yummy looking sugar cookie charms, iced in pink, red, and white. Surrounding these cookies are wood beads in pink, red, white, and brown.

This bracelet is 7.5 inches and can be shortened or lengthened, up to 8.5 inches. It has a large toggle clasp.

3.  Sweet Love Poppy Hair Charm by Etsy Seller MuchLoveIlly  price: $8.00  Here’s what the artist says about it.

There is something sweet when it comes to the color of flush, rose pink. cotton candy. tiny paper hearts. young romance.  tuck this poppy hair charm into a messy bun or push back one side of your hair. the poppy measures at 1 1/2 inches across on a silver metal 64mm bobby pin. the poppy is securely fastened to bobby with glue and thread.
this makes a lovely valentine’s day gift – or wear it to celebrate the holiday!
will be packaged, ready for gift-giving.

much love,

** I love this little poppy bobby pin.  I just wonder if I am TOO OLD to wear it.

4.  Queen of Hearts Valentine by Etsy artist Drawntoletters $2.00 Here’s what the artist says

Regal and adorable. You know somebody who is perfect for this card! (Blank inside to pen your short or long sentiment.) For a 6 pk of this card see this listing:
and place “Queen of Hearts Valentine” in the message to seller

**As you may know, I collect pigs.. and a Pig with a crown is a little hard to resist. I wonder if I could get DrawntoLetters to do a logo for me?

5.  Seamstress Valentine Corsage with custom tag. By Etsy Seller grayday $9.00 Here’s what the artist says:

I had some bits and pieces laying around and I thought they would make for some fun self adornment pieces!

Here is the Seamstress Valentine Corsage. It’s made from a vintage fabric floral corsage and added on top a vintage wooden spool of thread with a blank paper luggage tag. Either leave it blank, or write something sweet or funny on it! LIke- I am ooak, (one of a kind)

It pins on to your garment with a simple original pin on the underside. It measures 5 inches long.

** I’m not really a seamstress, but there is something about this that I just love!