Professional Bull Riders.. or How I want a new job..

In March The Man and I went to the Professional Bull Riders Event in Kansas City. He loves the PBR, but not quite as much as I do. I bought the tickets as a birthday gift for him.

You should know I secretly love the PBR. I love the PBR like a fat kid loves cake, like a hot dog loves ketchup, like most people love football or basketball. If I won the lottery, my family and I would travel the US, following the PBR. I’ve never talked to the man about it, but I am pretty sure that he’d go along with it.

See how close I was? 2nd row Baby.. by the shoots.

Here’s the bulls in their pen.

Here’s the Man & I in our Seats..

The Bull’s took a little hair off my eyebrows I was so close.

I was so close..I had dirt hit me.. I know.. I know.. I have on flip flops at a Rodeo. That does not take away from the fact that secretly I should be a bull rider.

PBR Clown Flint.. he’s very entertaining.

See that hump on the back of the cow.. I want to touch it.

I love it when they run from the bulls and jump on the fence.

Ok.. so here’s what I think about at least a couple of times a week. I would love to sit on a bulls back in the shoot. I don’t want to ride it. I just want to know what it would feel like to sit on his back.

Look.. this cow is BEGGING me to come and sit on his back…. If I ever do it. I’ll take plenty of pictures.