Happy Father’s Day

We celebrated The Man yesterday. We bought him gifts and made him a meal..

(we even let him have his favorite skunky beer)

Our appetizers were onion rings. Made out of vidalia onions .

Ribeyes, corn on the cob, garlic green beans, & Smashed Potatoes

I also made him a 6 layer Peanut Butter Chocolate cake.

(blog coming soon with recipe.. http://www.asktheebayqueen.com/eBay_Queen_cooks )

The meal turned out pretty good.

The Gifts.. were ok, except for one… Note to self when you buy shorts for your husband,

don’t do it in the young men’s section.

See how long these are?

Flashing the Gang Signs

Well.. I guess all size 34 pants are not built the same. Some are made for the younger generationn,

they are longer and baggier. The Man here is from the generation where you ALWAYS

wear a belt, and you never show your underwear.

Happy Father’s Day !