Dear eBay Queen: I found A Gold Mine, How Should I List Them?

Dear eBay Queen:

I just received a return request for a brand new SEALED gift basket.  I received the basket after I won it in a local contest.  The basket consisted of the usual crackers, and candy.  It also had a cutting board, cheese, sausage, sparkling ginger ale and cheese straws.  This was factory sealed.

The buyer messages me and said that ”the item was not sealed and that nothing was fresh.”

What do I do?  Do I have to accept it?  The item was brand new and in mint condition.  I took 5 photos and my first photo or gallery photo was the stock photo from the internet and did not have the sealed cellophane on it.  BUT of course the items in my basket were sealed in the cellophane individually and then the big cellophane around the whole basket with a bow.




Dear Mimi:

This does sound a bit fishy.  I would message the buyer within the returns que, asking them to supply photos of the damage they were talking about, and I would ask them the following questions:

  1. Did the item arrive with the cellophane intact?
  2. Are the food items still wrapped and sealed?
  3. Has the cutting board been used?

Once they send back the photos you’ll know exactly what happened.  The large cellophane on the outside could have torn in shipping.  If they have eaten or opened the product I would contact eBay and ask them if you would be required to take back an item that has been opened and used.


Dear eBay Queen:

Over Thanksgiving I went shopping at my mother in laws Goodwill and Savers.  I’ve always known that she lives in a fantastic neighborhood, but this is the first time I went to her local thrift stores.  I picked up several really fantastic things, but I have a few questions regarding how to list them.

  1. Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Sweater. This sweater is gray and CASHMERE with a bear on it.  The problem is that is has ONE small hole right at the seam.  I’ve repaired it, and you can not even tell that there was ever a separation at the seam.  Am I required to share this with the buyer?
  2. Ralph Lauren Indian head sweater.  This sweater has a small snag on the back by the waist band. What do I say about this?
  3. Ralph Lauren Purple label collared sweater.  Nothing wrong with this.  There was a tag attached to the “spare” button that on the inside of the sweater.  This is a Ralph Lauren Purple label hang tag.  I think this has been worn and washed at least one time.  I guess the original owner tied it to the button?  Do I call this “new with tags”  OR do I call Pre Owned?

Thank in advance for all your help.


Dear Carla:

I hope that your mother in law lives close enough for you to visit and check those stores out often!  Here’s what I would do.

  1. I think it would be a good idea to say that you repaired it.  It is already pre owned, so to show a photo where you stitched the hole, will not detract too much from this popular sweater.
  2. Just like with the Cashmere Bear sweater, I would show a photo of the snag.
  3. Since you believe this item is pre owned already, I would say that it comes with the hang tag, but it is not new.

You will never go wrong telling the truth about the item AND showing a photo of the defect.  If you were the buyer for this item, how would you want your seller to describe and photograph the item?  If you live by that rule, you can’t go wrong when listing on eBay.


Strange eBay Item of the Week: Item #222294381005. If you happen to run across a Ralph Lauren Bear Sweater, it’s probably  worth looking into selling it on eBay. They are highly collectible. NWT Vintage Ralph Lauren Polo USA Bear Navy Cotton Sweater 1992 SOLD: $1000.00.