It’s Patio Time…

There has been a lot of debate in my house on what to do with the back of the house. I believe there should be a deck, and the man thinks there should be a patio. He reminded me of our rule… "He takes care of the outside and I take care of the inside." To some people that is really weird, but I married Ward and June Cleaver’s son and that’s how he rolls.

The Man and I looked at every paver in the Kansas City area. I picked out a paver that would go with our natural rock we have "growing" here around our house.

This frog is sitting on one of the rocks. See how it’s a light tan color with white?

This is what he came home with.. Not exactly tan..

Here’s an aerial view of the patio area… please excuse the screen I took it from the school

room window and didn’t open the window. (I’m lazy like that)

The Man had to do a lot of digging and leveling to get this patio thing right.

Not to mention 2 TON’s of gravel was brought in…. (here’s #2 and #6 (my adopted weekend son)

Here’s The Man doing his part shoving gravel..

I’m not sure what this photos shows.. other than gravel.. dirt, and a some

piece of equipment that #2 was super impressed with.. and his father

wouldn’t let him operate.

Many loads of gravel were hauled. Here’s #2 and my adopted (only on the weekends) #6.

We had lots of help…

Lot’s of gravel.. loads.

Many supervisors…

And.. it’s still not done. I believe we will be working on it this weekend.
When I say "we" I don’t really mean "me". 😉 Remember I only work "inside".